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Entry into the film score competition
sponsored by Spitfire Audio
Music by Cheryl Terhune Cronk

Cover 'The Frogs of Mill Pond (An Audio Story)'
The Frogs of Mill Pond

The Frogs of Mill Pond

Story and Music By Cheryl Terhune Cronk

Remember what it was like to be a kid ?! A childhood vacation adventure is narrated over a colorful music background in this humorous 11:00 minute short story – three kids alone with the boat!

Suitable for family or general audience. Downloadable as an Mp3 file.

Cheryl Terhune Cronk

$3.95 – The Frogs of Mill Pond
(An Audio Story)
Instant Download

'My Ghost's Waltz' cover
My Ghost's Waltz

My Ghost's Waltz

Written and recorded
By Cheryl Terhune Cronk

This animated chamber ensemble piece puts a new spin on waltzing ghosts!

A little over 3 minutes long, the music spins and whirls as strings and woodwinds conjure up mischievous spirits.

Cheryl Terhune Cronk

$ 1.00 – My Ghost's Waltz
Mp3 Music Track
Instant Download

Shaelyn's Amazing Grace

Shaelyn's Amazing Grace

My niece, Shaelyn, gives voice to the traditional gospel piece, Amazing Grace.

This lovely piece starts and ends with dramatic a cappella sections, then is fully accompanied in the center, enhanced with a change of key midway. Length is 3:56.

Shaelyn Edwards (vocals) & Cheryl Terhune Cronk (guitar & synth)

$ 1.00 – Shaelyn's Amazing Grace
Mp3 Music Track
Instant Download

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